Country White Bread

My 6-year-old daughter will only consider sandwiches as her main dish in her school lunches. The options she allows are a choice of peanut butter, cream cheese, egg salad, or chummus sandwiches. The sandwich must be on a softer variety of a whitish bread. We ran out of sandwich bread on Thursday. When I went to the store to do my pre-shabbat shopping, they were all out of any acceptable sandwich bread. I was a bit stuck in the nice-mom lunch category. So I decided I would give a shot at sandwich bread making.

I just landed a new Bosch Mixer – twice the capacity of my trusty kitchenaid. So, despite my lack of baking history, I was gifted with some baking confidence that came in the form of a 700 watt mixer. Did I mention my love for kitchen appliances? So I went about my search for a sandwich bread with ingredients on hand.

I came up with this Country White Bread. It looked easy enough. It was pareve. I had all the ingredients..and it promised two nice size loaves.

I have to admit. I was impressed with the Bosch. It took 5 minutes to do all the mixing and kneading for this recipe.

The loaves came out beautifully. I sliced up the loaves and put them in the freezer. The princess was pleased.


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  1. Very nice loaves!!

  2. You will love your Bosch, mama.
    I use mine all the time
    Love, KR

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