Leftover Fried Rice

The title is pretty self explanatory. Dinner tonight was simple and pretty budget conscious. Like any other evening, had very little time to come up with something for dinner. Didn’t want to do a grocery run until tomorrow. Stuck with random bits of veggies in the fridge. I did have plenty of leftover rice from last night’s curry. Once a month or so, we end up with fried rice for dinner. It’s quick and easy. I usually have fresh veggies around the house, but if you don’t have anything fresh, frozen will work just fine.

With something like this, there is no concrete recipe.

In a large wok or pan, heat up a tiny bit of vegetable. Scramble some eggs in the pan, and then set the eggs aside. In that same pan, start sauteeing some chopped onions, garlic, and ginger. Cook for a couple minutes. Throw in whatever protein you have lying around. Tonight we had some soy ground sausage. You may need to add a few more drops of oil at this point. Throw in whatever veggies you have lying around. I added corn, peas, pepper, broccoli, and yellow squash. Stir fry the mixture for a couple minutes. Now add in the rice, and stir everything together. Stir the rice to break it up. It may be clumpy from the cold. Cook a few minutes. Add the egg back to the mixture. Now add a few drops of sesame oil, red pepper flakes, and some soy sauce. You are ready to go! Enjoy!

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