Homemade Sesame Rice Crackers

Sesame Rice Crackers

I have made crackers a few times. Those Mary’s Gone Crackers copycats were big hit in my house.

This time, I was looking for something with a similar crunch, but a bit different flavor – perhaps a little less nutty. I wanted something similar to those packages of Japanese senbei crackers I get at Whole Foods, or perhaps the sesame rice rounds I get at Trader Joe’s. I wanted a cracker that met somewhere in the middle. I definitely wanted to keep it gluten free, but with a good crunch. I also didn’t want to have to run out and buy too many new ingredients.

These crackers fit the bill. I had everything on hand. Definitely happy with the way they turned out and will make again – perhaps with a few flavor tweaks. These crackers are great with tapenade or hummus, or anything you would pair with a chip or cracker!

Sesame Rice Crackers

1 1/4 cup rice flour
1/4 cup sweet rice flour
1 cup roasted sesame seeds
3.5 tbsp. soy sauce or tamari
3 tsp. sesame oil
1 cup warm water


Preheat oven to 350.

Mix everything together in a mixing bowl. The dough shouldn’t be too sticky and should come together. You can add a little more rice flour if it seems too sticky and wet.

Let the mixture sit for five minutes.

Spray a large baking sheet.

Pull of little teaspoon size pieces of dough and roll in to balls.

Similar to my previous cracker recipe, take a small square of oil sprayed parchment paper and press the ball on to the pan. You can use your hands, or you could use a heavy glass.

You want the cracker dough to be very thin, but you don’t want it to rip. Even if it rips though, it’s still tasty.

The crackers do shrink a little in the oven – so it’s ok if your dough rounds are touching.

Bake in oven for around 15-17 minutes. Check to make sure they don’t burn,

Cool on rack.

Sesame Rice Crackers


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  • Cakewhiz

    I enjoy trying out different flavored crackers. The last one i tried was a cheesy cracker and it was very yummy. I want to try these sesame ones too coz i am a big fan of sesames, especially toased ones…yum!
    I don’t have rice flour… Can i use regular flour instead?
    – abeer @ http://www.cakewhiz.com

    • http://confident-cook.com/ Hindy Garfinkel

      You may need to play with the amounts, but wheat flour should work as well.

  • http://twitter.com/thekosherspoon Sina Mizrahi

    i never tried making crackers at home…do they come out thin enough?

    • http://confident-cook.com/ Hindy Garfinkel

      You need to make sure you press it thin. They should be paper thin, but not rip. You get a hang of it after the first batch. I use my hands and the square of parchment paper. I have also tried using a sheet of sprayed parchment paper with a rolling pin.

  • Tamar Genger @joyofkosher

    I love rice crackers, never even thought of making my own. Thanks

    • http://confident-cook.com/ Hindy Garfinkel

      I always have rice flour on hand – and it really is so easy to make.

  • Alison @ Alibabka

    Rice crackers are my favorite cracker to eat with a little avocado and sea salt! mmmm

    • http://confident-cook.com/ Hindy Garfinkel

      Yum! I love avocado on anything!

  • melissa {lilmisscakes}

    These look yum! Thanks for sharing!

  • Chaya

    Yeah for gluten-free. I can make these for my hubby. Thanks for sharing.

  • Chanie@BusyInBrooklyn

    I’m usually scared away by these sort of recipes, but this sounds super easy, thanks!

  • http://www.thisamericanbite.com Yosef

    Sounds really good, this was one of my favorite childhood snacks.

  • ed

    The recipe seems to have too much water. Tried to make it and it was very watery with the recipe.

    • http://confident-cook.com/ Hindy Garfinkel

      I’m sorry you had difficulty with the recipe. Did you use the same flours and the same amounts? I just made another batch this week using the same measurements. Haven’t had a problem.

  • Pauline Clancy

    I love black sesame rice crackers and was delighted to find this recipe. Which I will try tomorrow. One question Is the oven temp Celsius or Farenheit

    • http://www.confident-cook.com/ Hindy Garfinkel

      Fahrenheit. Enjoy!

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