Vegan Food Swap: October Reveal

This is my third month participating in the Vegan Food Swap, organized by Cat at The Verdant Life. I have had so much fun participating these past few months. It’s so fun to go shopping for fun stuff and even more fun to get that yummy package in the mail.

This month, I was chosen to receive a package from the amazing Adrienne over at Crack the Plates. I can’t get over how she just seemed to understand me in the package she sent over. Her box made me so happy.

As I opened the box, the first thing I noticed was the amazing smell! She knew I loved spices and sent several. There were a bunch that I didn’t even have in my spice pantry! If you have seen my overstuffed spice cabinets, you would know it’s a huge accomplishment to get me something that I don’t have.

She got me some sage, rosemary, poppy seeds, savory, caraway seeds, fennel seeds, apple pie spice blend and cinnamon sticks.

She wasn’t done there though! In addition to the amazing spices, there was quinoa and amaranth flour, some pumpkin spice rooibos tea and some amazing Halloween edition Trader Joe’s Joe Joe cookies!

I really can’t wait to cook with the apple pie spice and the caraway seeds!

Vegan Food Swap – August 2012 Reveal

I was excited to participate in a second month of the vegan food swap hosted by Cat at The Verdant Life.
I had so much fun buying and receiving goodies, I had to do it again.

This month, I was selected to receive vegan treats from Thang. Thang doesn’t have a blog, but knew exactly what to get for me.

Check out these goodies!

Rice cracker heaven! Curry Powder! So much good stuff in this package! I also love cooking with coconut oil so I was so happy to see a jar! Yum!

Thanks so much, Thang!

If you’d like to participate in the September swap, go here!

Vegan Food Swap Reveal: July 2012

This month, I decided to participate in the Vegan Food Swap, hosted by The Verdant Life.  I had been eyeing the various posts about the swap each month on all of my favorite blogs. I considered joining each month, but never got around to it in time. I am so glad that I finally signed up. It’s a fun way to virtually meet up with other bloggers. I also had a fun time picking out goodies for Mariam over at Birdie’s Health Chatter.

This month, I was matched up to receive a package from Stephanie over at Vegan Mainstream. I was so excited when her package came! She was very thoughtful in her hunt for things to send. The box was full of yummy treats!

All of the goodies were fantastic. The kids have already dug in to the apple and veggie chips. I was happy to discover a new treat – Parma! I had never heard of it. It is a wonderful Parmesan cheese alternative. It is made from nutritional yeast and walnuts. It goes well on so many things. We have already added it to pasta and popcorn in our house. Thank you to Stephanie for sending these wonderful treats! 
Thank you to Cat at The Verdant Life for hosting this wonderful food swap! Check out her page if you’d like to participate in the August swap. I can’t wait to participate again next month.
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