Welcome to my new blog! I have always wanted to have a cooking blog. I have just procrastinated a bit. I always had a hard time with a title for the blog. The title came to me as I was posting an introduction on www.thefreshloaf.com. This title seems very fitting for me. My cooking is across the board, and I am pretty adventurous with exception to baking, which, aside from challah, is usually a brownie mix ala Betty Crocker (shame, shame).

I would like this blog to be some sort of accountability blog in my daily cooking. I may not post daily..but I would like to be held accountable for cooking daily. I keep a kosher home and I try to stay on a budget. I don’t like to feed my kids too many fishsticks or mac n’ cheese boxes – even if they prefer it. So grab a seat and stay for a bit while I get on with the blog.

P.S. I promise to post pretty pictures of my creations

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