Morningstar Farms, What did you do?

I don’t normally write product reviews for the blog, but after buying two new products, I just had to.

Whenever new phony meat products debut in the stores, I feel the need to quickly buy and sample. I like having these convenience foods on hand for the nights that I have crazy schedules. I haven’t had too many awful experiences. Until now.

I was recently at Shoprite, when I saw Morningstar Farm’s answer to the ubiquitous McRibs sandwich and then their take on some sort of Jimmy Deanesque maple flavored sausage. Aside from the kosher aspect, I now know why I have never eaten the treifed up versions. These stuff is awful. Upon pulling the “ribz” out of the box and microwaving as per the instructions, I was struck by the whole goop factor. I still gave it the benefit of the doubt. J and I sat down with a tortilla and “rib” and got to work. After one bite we had enough.

Now on to the maple flavored sausages patties. Never again. Even my younger daughter who eats everything she can chew – she wouldn’t touch these sausage patties. The smell alone…it smelled like I had spilled a bottle of fake maple syrup product all over my kitchen floor. I am forever disappointed that Morningstar Farms has decided to venture to the dark side. They should have left well alone with the Grillers and nuggets, but damn that adventurous streak of theirs.

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