On Being a Foodie When Food Hates Me

So I know I have been gone a while. I have a good excuse.

I have Crohns. A disorder of the gut. I won’t go in to all the gory details, but to sum it up – when it kicks me in the ass, it really kicks me in the ass. Food doesn’t like me.
With the gut acting up, I wasn’t really eating – mostly keeping to a liquid diet. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about food. The whole time I was sick, I was watching food network and ingesting all the lovely food porn in the blogosphere. My cooking habits turned into pathetic mode. Feeding my family quick and easy meals likes mac & cheese, fish sticks, eggs, and such. Really pathetic. Of course the kids loved it! What kid doesn’t like food out of a box? Now I am back -thank goodness. Back to eating, back to cooking. So here I am. I promise to cook more, feed my family better meals, and tell you about it.
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  1. Welcome back, seeeester! I’m so glad you can eat again and share your deeeelicious menus with all of us!

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