Passover Appetizers with Temp Tee Cream Cheese

Did you know that Passover is coming? We’re all getting just a bit crazy now that Purim is over. We’re in that one-month crunch to prepare for a week of fun. Houses are getting cleaned up and the stores are getting stocked with matzah – so much matzah! Menus are being planned. Do you know what you are serving up at your Passover seder?

I’ve been making my own Passover the past few years. Each year I get a bit more laid back and things get a bit more easy. Our meals are simple, and we can do without pizza or pasta for a week.

One thing I can’t do without is cream cheese. On Passover, it is always Temp Tee. Growing up, Passover cream cheese was the one thing we could rely on. It was guaranteed to be available and certified kosher for passover in my Midwest city. We may not have been able to get kosher-for-Passover frozen waffles, but we could always get the cream cheese. That pink container was brought out to our breakfast table every morning. My sisters and I would sit around the table munching on crumbly matzah spread generously with cream cheese. So much nostalgia there.

I was recently approached to share some creative recipes that feature the beloved cream cheese. I kept going back to that crunch of the matzah against the Temp Tee cream cheese. I had to do more than that. I decided to share with you two appetizer recipes. Appetizers are my favorite part of the meal.

I came up with some crunchy and spicy baked jalapeño poppers as well as a baked caramelized onion dip. Both of these dishes are great for eating around the family table or when entertaining guests. They are wonderful for Passover and year-round. They are also easy to make. My kind of recipe!

        Click here for the Jalapeño Poppers!                     Click here for the Caramelized Onion Dip!

*This blog post is sponsored by the fine folks at Temp Tee, but all opinions and recipes in this post are my own.

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