VeganMofo: Product Review – Sol Cuisine Tofu Ribs

As you probably I already know, I love food shopping. I love finding new foods.  Just the other week, I was browsing the frozen foods section at Whole Foods. I came across the line of products by the brand Sol Cuisine. Was happy to see that all of their products are certified kosher. Was also happy to see that the products were priced pretty reasonably.

I decided to pick up some of the Sol Cuisine Tofu Ribs, which are certified kosher and organic, as well as vegan. When browsing the selection, I figured that I have had many veggie burgers in my life, and the tofu ribs sounded good – the box promised lots of good flavor from these tofu nibbles.

Sol Cuisine Tofu Ribs

I decided to serve the tofu ribs with some sauteed veggies and some brown rice – a complete meal.

When I opened the box, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It looked pretty nondescript. Some stuff in some reddish sauce.  I’ll try anything once, right?

Sol Cuisine Tofu Ribs

The directions instructed me to let the package thaw, which I did.

I then heated a fry pan with a drop of oil and placed the thawed “ribs” with the sauce in the pan. I will note that there wasn’t that much sauce. Was expecting more.

Sol Cuisine Tofu Ribs

I let the tofu ribs cook a few minutes on each side.

Before eating with the veggies and rice, I decided to take a bite on its’ own. The tofu wasn’t bad. It has a really nice texture. The sauce is a bit bland and sweet, but not bad. Just not very smoky or spicy. There is a small undertone of heat, which I found very pleasant.

Once, I mixed the tofu in to the rice and veggies, the tofu ribs shone more. The flavor worked.

Sol Cuisine Tofu Ribs

Despite the lack of flavor, I would buy these again. The tofu ribs do work when eaten with an accompaniment  I would definitely recommend them and would encourage people to doctor these riblets up.

I see that Sol Cuisine has many other good products on their website that I am eager to check out.

Enjoy the day!

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