Yoplait vs. Chobani 100 Calorie Strawberry Greek Yogurt Taste Off

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The fine folks at Yoplait are convinced that their new 100-calorie line of Greek yogurts is so amazing and awesome that they asked me to do a taste-off with Chobani to see which yogurt came out ahead.

I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical from the get-go. Im typically a Fage or Chobani girl, with the occasional Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt thrown in here or there. Yoplait is usually for the kids or something that I grew up with. I just don’t think of Yoplait on a typical day. I was totally curious though.

I’m  a huge Greek yogurt fan. I love the creamy and rich taste of the yogurt and the huge protein burst it gives me. It gives me the energy I need for the day until I break for lunch. I have never had the 100-calorie yogurt options and wasn’t sure what to expect. I was on a business trip recently and they had the regular Yoplait Greek yogurt (not low-calorie) and I wasn’t too impressed. I found it too sweet and not creamy enough. So I went in to this experiment a bit jaded and not so trusting. Could Yoplait make friends with me? Would my longstanding love for Chobani live on?

I bought the strawberry flavor of both brands. I bought a few of each so I could test on the whole family. I had to put the two yogurts side-by-side for the full effect and proceed with the test. Physically, the containers are the same size and shape. No big surprise there. Yogurt containers seem to come in just a few models.

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When I opened the package, I peeked in and stirred up the contents. The Yoplait Greek 100 Strawberry seemed to have less in the container, and had settled a bit. It certainly looked creamier and pinker than the Chobani Simply 100 Strawberry. The fruit in the Chobani was on the bottom and had to be stirred up. No surprise there. They are typically fruit on the bottom, while Yoplait tends to often be all mixed up. Based on the color, I actually had to check the ingredient panel right then and there. I’m not a fan of fake food colorings, so I was ready to seethe. My nerves calmed, when I saw that both yogurts used beta carotene and vegetable juice for coloring. No red # whatever. Phewsh!


I took a spoonful of each yogurt. I was expecting a sugar bomb from Yoplait and a natural tart and creamy effect from Chobani.

My mind was blown. My expectations were blown up!

I was actually bothered by the taste in the Chobani. It had a funky off-set taste. I couldside by sode yogurts.jpgn’t quite place it, but I was missing my creaminess. What happened, Chobani? Why have you forsaken me?

Yoplait had the right texture I was seeking in a Greek yogurt. The creamy factor hit me right where it needed to be. The yogurt wasn’t too sweet. It had the right amount of tartness that I’ve come to expect from my Greek yogurts. Yoplait totally blew me away! They were the winner on every aspect that I judge a yogurt by. Whoa!

Mind blown, I sought my family’s judgement. Four out of four panelists agreed. Yoplait was the clear winner! Are you interested in participating in this awesome #tasteoff? Check it out here!

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*This taste test was sponsored by Yoplait, but I was given the creative freedom to honestly express my opinions.




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